Online Free Courses

Buying Your First Still

Free Mini- Course
This short course offers lots of information on choosing your first still

Distilling Hydrosols
The Basics

Free Mini Course
This basic course introduces you to hydrosol distillation

Buying Hydrosols

Free Mini- Course
This short course offers information on choosing quality hydrosols

Intermediate Courses

& Condensing

Instructor Marco Valussi
On Sale for $25

Online Book

Harvest to Hydrosol

This online adaptation of my 2015 book on How to make exquisite Hydrosols at Home

Hands On Workshops

I am looking forward to offering on site workshops in 2022. These unique and intensive Hands On Workshops held at the beautiful Bozarth Mansion in Spokane, WA USA where I bring together experts from around the globe.

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