Harvest To Hydrosol Book (Online Adaptation)

This is the same book as the print version published in 2015 – with some minor revisions.

Online Only Access is $45.00 USD

This is online only and is NOT in a PDF or downloadable option.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in my online book Harvest to Hydrosol.

I wrote this book over the course of several years as a way to share what I had learned about plants and distillation over several decades. I published the book in 2015 and since that time I have learned a great deal more, in fact I am working on a second edition with many revisions and updates. I hope to have the new book out in late 2021.

*If you have already purchased the print version you will see very minor changes in the online version, it is simply the print version on another platform.  This is not the second edition that I am currently working on.

In the meantime, I offer this online adaptation with some minor revisions.

I wanted to give folks a chance to continue to read the first edition until the new updated second edition comes out. Some may find this platform more user friendly.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful journey.


About the Leaf

When you see the leaf it is an indication of some new material or a updated observation. I have learned a lot in the five years since the book was printed and have tried to update some information in this revised version.