Harvest to Hydrosol Second Edition


Considered a Workshop in a Book. This book is a must have for those beginning their distillation journey.

Perfect Bound Paperback, 305 pages


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As a Distiller ~ You are responsible for everything that goes into your still ~ And everything that comes out of your still

Informed by her thirty years of experience as an artisan distiller, Harvest to Hydrosol empowers and encourages individuals on the distillation journey to responsibly craft pure, exquisite hydrosols. Grounded in science, fueled by passion, infused with curiosity, Harvest to Hydrosol serves as an inspired, thoughtful guide offering breadth and depth to everyone on the distillation journey.

In this revised second edition, Ann Harman updates her original work with additional insights, advice, wisdom, and experience gleaned in the eight years since the first book’s release. Packed with over sixty pages of new information (including key changes she’s made to her own best practices since 2015), Harvest to Hydrosol’s second edition expands on the original book’s thorough approach with up-to-date personal and professional observations.

  • Easy to follow Over 150 descriptive photos, tables, and diagrams
  • Support for troubleshooting distillation challenges and the key details you need to double-check to ensure a safe, successful, distillation
  • Engages the senses—the role of smell, sight, taste, hearing, and touch—in conducting successful distillations
  • Responsible best practices that protect the integrity of your hydrosols 

Ann Harman is an organic farmer, herbalist, educator, and distiller; she has been distilling hydrosols for thirty years. She loves sharing her knowledge of the world of distillation and hydrosols; she teaches both online courses and hands on workshops. When not in the garden she may be found lecturing internationally on her hydrosol research.

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