We will soon fill our course catalog!

Courses We are Working On

The 4 Pillars of Distillation

Distilling Responsibly

Join me for a series of courses aimed at helping you become a responsible distiller.  We will learn about botany, our equipment, our products and ourselves as distillers.

Coming in Early 2021


The Harvest To Hydrosol ™ Series

In this series of courses we will start with the Basics of Distillation. I will continue to add courses to this series such as Chemistry of Hydrosols, Hydrosols & Microbiology  and many more.

Available Late 2020

Stand Alone Courses

  • Distilling Resins
  • Distilling Conifers
  • Cooking with Hydrosols
  • Ancient Distillate Waters
  • Buying & Maintaining Your Stills
  • What to Do With Your Waters – Hydrolat Therapy

Available in 2021